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11:34 / 10.07.17

Ljubavni problemi: Zbog afere s kuharicom u krizi brak Novaka Đokovića?

Novak Đoković, bivši najbolji teniser svijeta, svakodnevno se suočava sa novim problemima, a sada mu je navodno u krizi i brak!

Lauren Von der Pool nije demantovala izlaske sa srbijanskim teniserom
Lauren Von der Pool nije demantovala izlaske sa srbijanskim teniserom

Dok iščekuje rođenje drugog djeteta, pojavila se informacija da je u ljubavnoj aferi s 33-godišnjom Lauren Von Der Pool, ličnom kuharicom sestara Williams, pišu Sportske novosti.

Von der Pool je učestvovala na različitim događajima diljem svijeta, poput dodjele Oscara i slično, a Đokoviću je jedno vrijeme davala savjete oko prehrane.

No, neki smatraju da mu je pomagala i u drugim stvarima.

- Novak je jako cool. Zgodan čovjek, ali ja sam mu pomagala jer ga smatram prijateljem. Ništa drugo. Uostalom, ja nisam takav tip djevojke - rekla je Lauren Von der Pool.

Ipak, fotografije s društvenih mreža mogu pobuditi sumnju. Na nekima od njih Đoković i Von der Pool se nalaze zajedno u noćnim izlascima i slično.

- Na kraju krajeva, lijepo je zabaviti se - rekla je o spornim izlascima.


Happy #Ishtar or as you all know it #EASTER 🐰 Holidays have always been so interest to me because as much as I love a reason to celebrate 🎉 a great deal of our holidays aka ALL of our holidays are created by mans desire to control people's minds and money. Now I do my own form of celebration based on what feels real to me! You know what feels real? #SPRING feels so real to me! The resurrection! It is a very sacred time where our divine Mother Earth 🌏 resurrects from the death of winter. She awakens brighter and better than ever before! When she rises all stand to celebrate her, the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees! Now this sounds very similar to the Jesus story, is it perhaps a microcosm? Not sure but either way I personally think that some man/men began using Bible to keep people in line! I mean really the people who enforce the bible say it's wrong to kill (I agree) and will punish you for it but these same people have killed entire races of people, dropping bombs, destroying the earth etc. but it's absolutely fine when they do it! Lol! DEEEEEP! All that to say can we really trust what has been given to us? Might the knowledge that they passed down be contaminated with small pox?! Just saying the blankets they gave our Native ancestors were! I personally think everything you need you have within you! Although books etc are powerful tools if used properly I also feel that what we need to know is encoded upon the cells of our structure! That's GOD! I also believe that everyone on the planet came from the womb of a wombman and that whole rib story was a way for a man to feel important! Lol! Sit down Adam you know Eve birthed you 💁🏽🍎 Anyway back to Easter 🐣 I know this is when they said Jesus resurrected but then where did the word Easter come from and how is SHE related? Hmmm! The Venus formed Goddess of #fertility #sex and war is who they really got y'all celebrating! Now isn't that interesting how they slipped that in?! What are y'all thought on this lovely 😊 #EASTERAFTERNOON ? (Sips tea ☕️, hits J again) 😂

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