Iman obilježila godišnjicu od smrti supruga Davida Bowiea

Objavljeno: 11.01.17 u 18:47

Prošla je godina dana kako nas je napustio najveći kameleon u muzici ikad - David Bowie. Na jučerašnji dan, 10. januara, njegova supruga Iman odala mu je počast.

Iman i David Bowie
Iman i David Bowie

Na Instagramu podsjetila je svijet da su dijelili bezvremensku ljubav, a upravo na jučerašnji dan njujorško nebo simbolično je podarilo je čak dvije duge. Uz fotografiju Iman je stavila hashtagove #ForeverAndEver #ForeverLove #BowieForever.


Jan 10th, 2016 NYC Skyline #ForeverAndEver #ForeverLove #BowieForever

Fotografiju objavljuje IMAN (@the_real_iman)

Posljednjih nekoliko dana sigurno su iznimno teški za Iman i njihovu 16-godišnju kćer Lexi. Prije samo tri dana britanski pjevač proslavio bi 70. rođendan. Iman je tog dana objavila crtež mladog Bowieja s njegovom prepoznatljivog munjom preko oka.

- Ako postoji zamjena za ljubav, onda je to uspomena – napisala je ispod fotografije.

I neke slavne osobe također su se prisjetile Bowieja. Glumica Evan Rachel Wood rekla je da je njena odjevna kombinacija na Zlatnim globusima inspirisana muzičarem.

Olivia Wilde stavila je jedan stih pjesme "Space Oddity".



Fotografiju objavljuje Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde)

Rosario Dawson objavila je fotografiju Bowieja i Iman i zahvalila na vječnoj inspiraciji koja će trajati generacijama.

 Christy Turlington, dobra prijateljica Iman, ostavila je podužu posvetu.


Been thinking about this special soul all day on his birthday. After dreaming about him and staring at him on the posters of my teenage walls for many years I was lucky enough to manifest them and meet David at least a dozen times between 1984, when I moved to NYC from the bay area and 2016 when he died in NYC. All those times we met, I was always that teenager and in awe of his talent and superiority as a creative human on this planet. I was always a bit-tongue tied in his presence. I mustered the courage to ask a favor of him for my charity @everymomcounts a few years ago when we had an opportunity to compile a CD project to benefit maternal health. I reached out to Iman first, who is a dear friend, and she agreed to pass along the request. To my surprize and honor, he graciously said yes and even went so far to suggest a song given the theme and issue. That song was, "Everyone says "Hi." The lyrics below seemed to be written to help bring peace to those feeling sad and left behind. When we lose the friendship and soul of another we look for any sign of them in our waking hours. The last time I saw David was in front of the school our children attended, mine are still there. He had arrived in front of school to join Iman for a parent teacher conference with their beautiful and talented daughter Lexi who was still in middle school at the time. Still, I was tongue-tied and didn't find the words to convey my gratitude in that moment. I never had the opportunity to see or thank him in person again. Lesson being, when there is gratitude, you must take any and every opportunity to offer it and give it voice when you can. But it is bever too late because I believe those who have left us are still very connected to us. Thank you, David Jones, for every inspiration throughout my life and for the lessons in generosity and kindness, always, and for the continuing energy and spirit that you leave behind. You are deeply missed, but never forgotten. "Don't stay in a sad place Where they don't care how you are Everyone says hi"

Fotografiju objavljuje Christy Turlington Burns (@cturlington)

Catherine Zeta-Jones također je odala počast. 


Bowie+Rocks. Missed but never forgotten.

Fotografiju objavljuje Catherine Zeta-Jones (@catherinezetajones)